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Vox Hunt: I Made This

Show us something you made.

This graph shows various bodies of the solar system, plotted by diameter vs. density. You’ll notice that the terrestrial planets all sort into one group [1], the jovian planets sort into another, and the leftovers sort of sprawl between them. Unfortunately for fans of Pluto as a planet, it is in the left-overs. That was one of the primary reasons that the IAU classified it as a Dwarf Planet.

This is figure 10.4-1 from the textbook I am working on. This chapter describes how we can go from Eratosthenes and Aristarchus to the Hubble Space Telescope using simple logic and a little math. Humans are an amazing species, and our place in the Universe is wonderful to contemplate [2].


[1] Except for Mars, which was starved as a child by Jupiter.

[2] I’ll bet you thought I was going to link to this, didn’t you?


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