Appy-polly-loggies [1]

I apologize to you folks for the long delay in my posting. I’ve been busy trying to reduce the number of photos from Antarctica to a number that will fit on a single DVD. Not an easy task; I started with some 20,000 pictures many of which were almost acceptable [2]. My task is almost done, but there are still a few days worth of work to go before I can get back to having some fun [3].


[1] Ultra-geek points for the reference!

[2]  One of the problems with modern technology: cheap memory means that you can take lots and lots of photos. But then you have to sort through all of those suckers…

[3] OK, so I haven’t been entirely monkish in my habits. On February 4, I went to the annual Krewe du Vieux parade, where my costume consisted of a wig, two suspenders, and a white tie (you may now run out of the room, screaming in terror). And I did sleep sometime last week. But other than that. it has been work, work, work…


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