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Cookie for your thoughts

Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the blog, here is something that combines the two worst [1] inventions of the 20th century: personality quizzes [2] and Girl Scout Cookies.

Jezebel’s “What Kind of Girl Scout Cookie Are You” quiz is refreshingly simple. It has five questions and even asks you to tally the score yourself. Unfortunately, it is also a little non-diagnostic. My score was “one of each”. Either I’m not a cookie [3] or I’m a sampler tray. Either way, it was a fun little quiz.


[1] By which I mean “most addictive”.

[2] A typical guy personality quiz: “Are you breathing?” A typical non-guy personality quiz: “It is the ninth of May. The weather is sunny and fair. Your best friend’s uncle’s niece’s teacher just had a car accident. What do you have for breakfast?”

[3] “Dammit, Jim, I’m a breakfast cereal, not a cookie!” (Classic geek points for the reference!)


2 thoughts on “Cookie for your thoughts

  1. That was fun. Pity they don’t make gluten-free…

    I ended up a Samoa, which I guessed before taking the quiz/ reading the possible ‘finding.’ Why? Cos I saids to meself, ‘What’s the weird looking one?’ Yup.

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