The Only Good Muslim

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the horrific events in Paris and elsewhere this weekend and the terrible crimes perpetrated by DAESH [1]. Coordinated attacks across the City of Light, coupled with other attacks in Baghdad and Lebanon show that the radical Muslim sect championed by DAESH will do anything to get their way. They are the epitome of evil.

And their evil has led many to declare that the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. So I’d like to introduce you to a few Muslims that fit that definition. Let’s start with Adel Termos who was out walking with his daughter; when he saw a suicide bomber, he pushed his daughter away and tackled the bomber, setting off the bomb prematurely and saving dozens of lives. By any account, he was a good Muslim. There’s Ahmed Merabet who died stopping two attackers that were fleeing the scene of their massacre. He was another good Muslim. There’s Mohammad Salman Hamdani, who was killed when he rushed into the Twin Towers to help rescue victims before being caught in the tower collapse. He was yet another good Muslim.

And of course, there are many who don’t fit the definition by virtue of saving lives without sacrificing their own. There is Zouheir, who stopped a suicide bomber from entering the stadium in France; thanks to him, the suicide bomber and his two compatriots set their bombs off early and only killed one other person instead of the hundreds they had hoped for. There is the aptly-named Safer, who rescued two women after a suicide bombing attack outside the restaurant where he worked; he took the women to a safe area and tended their wounds while attack continued above [2]. There’s Lassana Bathily, who protected customers in a Jewish grocery store when a gunman came in and started taking hostages. Good Muslims, all of them.

The truth is that most Muslims are good Muslims; more importantly, they are good people, just as most Christians are good people and good Christians. There are only a few people that are vile enough to think that killing people at random is a valid way to change the world. Some of those vile people are Muslim. Some are Christian. Some are atheist. In truth, it doesn’t matter which church a person goes to [3]. What matters is how they want to change the world. If they want to do it by making the world a better place, by feeding the hungry and clothing the poor and aiding the afflicted and defending the defenseless, then they are a good person. But if they want to do it by killing others simply because they are the wrong color or wrong religion or wrong anything – then they are DAESH.


[1] Please don’t refer to them as ISIS. Why? Because their name in Arabic is DAESH and because daesh is apparently a slang term for “jackass” in Arabic and because they hate it. Calling them ISIS gives them legitimacy; calling them jackass takes it away. Let’s take away every shred of legitimacy these jackasses have. Call them DAESH.

[2] It is worth noting that DAESH didn’t attack a rich neighborhood; they attacked one where Muslims and Christians and others work and play together. From DAESH’s viewpoint, coexistence is a greater threat than any other, as it shows how futile DAESH and its aims truly are. For that reason, I fully expect DAESH to attack Thailand, Indonesia [a], or Malaysia because those are also places where Muslims and non-Muslims interact peacefully.

[3] Matthew 25:40 seems appropriate here.

[a] The largest Muslim nation in the world and one with a strong space program. You remember Bolden’s off-hand comment about outreach? Yeah – this is the country he meant.


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